Team Development

Do your team leaders understand what motivates each team member to extraordinary performance?Is there effective communication in the team?Companies that communicate effectively with their employees financially outperform those that do not, according to a major study of U.S. and Canadian employers by Towers Watson.

Their most recent Communication ROI study found that companies with the most effective communication programs provided a 47 per cent higher total return to shareholders over the past 5 years compared with firms that do not have effective communication programs in place.


Help Your Team Reach Peak Performance

Clear DirectionCommunication & Team Development Program provides a comparison of the manager’s emotional intelligence competencies and motivators with each of their key direct reports, and directs them on how they can best work with each person (an objective 360).The resulting Team Directory Report will include an analysis of the team’s diversities as well as the management demands that will be required by that manager, and provides counsel on how to most effectively communicate with and motivate each direct report.


quoteThe Communication & Team Development Program consistently helps us improve our understanding of our team members’ strengths and weaknesses to achieve maximum communication, resulting in cohesiveness necessary to achieve our business objectives.quote

Senior Vice President & General Counsel,


quoteAs a management psychologist, I have taken and studied numerous assessments in thinking patterns, emotional characteristics, and self-concepts. When I went through the Clear Direction Management Development Program, I was truly amazed. It provided some of the most penetrating, accurate, and immediately helpful information I have ever received about myself. I can and do recommend the program to any serious individuals who are looking for development insight.quote

Zenglo Chen Ph.D.,Management Psychologist,



AIM TeamworkWhat’s included in the Program

Team Directory Report providing the following detailed information:


Benefits of the program