AIM Coaching is designed to support continuous learning and development for leaders and managers.It is a process that supports the organisation in retaining and growing talent to meet needs for today and the future.

Leaders are promoted into positions of greater responsibility for leading others and managing results at a different level. Without the new behaviours and skills necessary to achieve results you may soon discover a star employee performing at sub-optimal levels. Coaching is now offered as an investment in the long-term success of the company and its management and leadership teams.

Would your Managers be more effective if they mastered any of these skills?

Of course they will. We understand this challenge and offer you solutions customised to your unique environment.


What to expect


Executive and Management Coaching

Our program is designed for a mid- to senior-level executive who is preparing for a greater scope of responsibility or who needs support in bridging leadership gaps. We employ a range of assessments and customised developmental programs to provide the person being coached with discovery, awareness and motivation in designing their work and personal life for maximum effectiveness.

Our program can be integrated with the Clear Direction Manager and Leader Development program as well which includes elessons for an enhanced learning experience.

Who will benefit?

Skills Development Coaching

This program is designed to help an individual develop skills in a specific area with the support and guidance of a trusted coach.

Our 6-8 week program is suitable for individuals needing support to improve:




“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” – Jim Collins, From Good to Great


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