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Emotional Intelligence Assessments

AIM AssessmentsTo drive high performance in your organization, you need to identify, hire and retain the very best employees. Our assessments allow your company to understand and predict human performance and potential, ensuring you select the right person for the right job.

Our Profile measures the source of the personality by uncovering a person’s thinking structure – biases in thinking and clarity of thinking, which equate to “Emotional Intelligence.”

Research proves that over 70% of the abilities deemed essential for effective performance are emotional competencies, not personality. 

Emotional Intelligence has a direct correlation to sales, management, leadership and customer service performance as well as to employment practices liability (i.e. workplace violence) and lost time injuries, theft and shrinkage issue.




Our assessment is based on the science of Formal Axiology,the ground-breaking work of Nobel Nominee Robert S. Hartman . It exceeds all standards of scientific validity and reliability. Through numerous studies during the past 3 decades, it was found not to discriminate because of race,age, or sex. This advanced science measures peoples’ thinking structures. These structures are the sources of personality characteristics, behavioral choices, and the mental maps for decision-making. Read more about the science of Axiology


The assessments provide valuable insight into a candidate’s Emotional Intelligence competencies:

  • decision-making
  • sales aptitude
  • customer service orientation
  • willingness to adhere to company policies and rules
  • ability to work on a team
  • commitment to accountability
  • leadership skills and much more
  • people skills (empathy)
  • communication
  • relationship-building
  • motivation and initiative
  • attention to planning and detail
  • results-driven

” Two-thirds of all hiring decisions will be found to be mistakes 1 year later” Peter Drucker


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Custom-Built Assessments

In today’s competitive environment we present to you the ability to customise an assessment that is relevant to

your company’s culture and values. We want to help you identify top talent that would be successful in your



Wouldn’t it be great if you can hire candidates that can mirror the skills of the top performers in your organisation?


We call this process Benchmarking – we have the ability to benchmark top performers in your organisation

and use that information to hire new employees who match that benchmark!

This results in more top performers since they match the competencies that work at your company given your culture and practices.

This specialised service that aligns the individual to your company’s unique culture is priceless.

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Behavioural and Values Assessments



DISC is an assessment tool for individuals and organizations desiring to improve performance, increase productivity and to positively persuade other people.


The DISC Assessment measures observable human BEHAVIORS. What do we mean by behaviors?

DISC Assessment

Think of them as the delivery vehicle we use to transmit our ideas, concepts and most importantly, our decisions to other people. It examines how we:

The DISC model has been used over 50 Million times and has been found to be very accurate in its ability to reflect how we prefer to interact with others. Understand that like ingredients in a cake, everyone possesses some degree of each of these 4 primary behavioral factors. The intensity of each factor and how they combine and interact with each other define and power our unique behavioural style.
Unlike many other behavioural assessments, our reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive! In other words, we spend as much time teaching you how to improve your own productivity and interpersonal interactions as we do describing your natural behavioral style.

We realize that you are about to invest money and time in our program, so we want you to come away with fast, effective learning strategies that get you results immediately.


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Values/ Workplace Motivators

This assessment looks at what gets people motivated to perform. Once you and your employee both understand what factors can spark action and passion, you will work towards your goal more productively.

The Workplace Driver Index is a combination of the research of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport into what drives and motivates individuals in the workplace. This research discovered that the priority and relative strength of these (7) seven drivers contribute to and influence the decision making process that guides an individual’s unique application of their capacities, skills and abilities in the workplace environment.
The Workplace Driver Index examines 7 independent and unique aspects of internal drive and motivation.
Workshop Motivators


Understanding the relative strength of your 7 Workplace Drivers will assist you to understand why you

place your attention on some things and why some other things are not so important to you.

It will also assist you to understand and appreciate that people are different and that being different is not “more

or less than…” it’s just different.”

Workplace Drivers/Motivators contribute to and exert influence on behaviors.

Superior performance is supported when one’s workplace drivers are satisfied by what they do. If your

duties align with your drivers you will likely exhibit more passion, reduced fatigue, more inspiration and

increased enthusiasm for your workplace efforts.


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360 or Multirater Assessments

A 360, or multi-rater, assessment gathers information from several different groups of people about an employee’s effectiveness. A 360 assessment for managers might seek feedback from the people that manager reports to, peers and people who report to that manager. A 360 assessment for salespeople might solicit feedback from the sales manager, fellow salespeople and customers of that salesperson.

This gives each individual participating in a 360 assessment the unique opportunity to see themselves more objectively through the eyes of others and also serves as a key component for continued training through the company and learning by the individual.

Over 40% of managers do not see themselves the same way their direct reports see them. There is also some self delusion in self perception. Self perceptions are often less reliable than the perceptions of others (Yammarino and Atwater, 1992).



Employers who use our assessments recognise that they are powerful resources when used as part of a coaching

and development program.


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